Breezy from Brighton
Japanese Gardens
Conservatory Gardens
Imaginary landscape
Gulf Islands Dream Day
Dreamy landscape
Galiano, Gulf Islands, B.C.
Salt Springs, B.C.
Gulf Islands
Mark's lanscape turned upside down
Airplane to Seattle, 1
Airplane to Seattle, 2
Airplane to Seattle,3
Airplane to Seattle, 4
Gulf Islands
View from the bus, P.A.
View from the porch 1
View from the porch
Jack's landscape
Bridget and Tom's Pond 2
Bridget and Tom's Pond
On train, magining cherry trees
NYC for the tree
Best show on earth
YES, detail
Spanish landscape
The Harlem Meer
Sculpture in the Conservatory Gardens
Mike's sailboat
Ocean 1 ,2,3
Ocean, 1 of 3
Ocean, 2of 3
Ocean, 3of 3
Skoobie Doo
Lavender fields, East Marion
Lavender fields, study
The pond in Central Park
Spanish Landscape
Amagansett, view from the shack
Amagansett, view from the shack
Philadelphia bike path
Kunkletown Hilltop
9/11  Light Memolrial
Governor's Island
Louse Point
Howth, Cliff walk
Boathouse Christmaswatercolor
City Gate, Dublin
View from the Postal Cafe
Mimi's yard
New Hampshire Foliage, homage to Mark
Conservatory Dancing Ladies
Dancing Ladies
Ellis Island
J.L. Sketching in St Bart's
Lady Liberty
Bona Vista 2
Bona Vista 3
Bona Vista 4, abstract primary floral
Bona Vista 5
Bona Vista 7
Brighton Umbrellas
Positano 1
Positano Painting, R&E
View from the General Store, 4"x6" watercolor
View from the cabin, 4.25" x 6"watercolor
Memory of Echo Lake , 4.5"x6" watercolor
Nadine's Pond, 10"x 14" watercolor
east Marion light house.JPG
Cape Cod Dunes, 4"x 6" watercolor
Cape Cod, Orleans, 4"x6" watercolor
Japan Day 22"x28" oil on canvas
Tom and Brita's G& W Shed ,6.5"x9"watercolor
Remembering Lazy Point, 4"x 6" watercolor
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